Marma Therapy Session

Marma accesses vital energy points located on the surface of the body. Through touch on specific points, with specific fingers, tuning forks and the placement of crystals, Marma therapy can ignite your inner pharmacy to heal many ailments including aches and pains, stress and anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and more, by creating balance and harmony in your mind and body.

Here are some benefits of Marma:

  • Stimulates cellular intelligence and neuro-chemical healing 

  • Enhances cellular communication 

  • Therapeutically influences the circulatory system 

  • Improves organ function 

  • Relieves pain 

  • Balances Ojas, Tejas and Prana, the subtle energies of the mind 

  • Deeply relaxes and rejuvenates


  • $60 for 30 minute treatment

  • $75 for 45 minute treatment

  • $90 for 1 hour treatment