Happy at Home


I call it Retail Recovery!

Resting from retail after a decade. breathe books and breathe bookstore cafe was an amazing 10-year adventure. So many incredible things came to me from the store (and i hope came to you too!). Over the years we hosted hundreds of authors, classes, groups, and workshops. Thousands of people walked through the door (and several pets too!).

Many of you know that I met my now-husband Larry, when he walked through the door of the shop (on December 8, 2008). And just after we got married (September 26, 2010), our puppy Ella came through the door as well (on December 30, 2010!). And then Shadow came along from Larry’s mom (November 2013) and our little family was complete!

Larry and I moved to a house in the woods of Reisterstown in ella fall leaves May 2014 and established Susan’s Kitchen and Breathe Ayurveda – my home-based practice. We both work in the “food” industry – Larry on non-GMO projects and food safety, and me, teaching people how to cook vegetarian food, how to incorporate Ayurveda into their lives, and to learn to meditate to find inner peace and happiness. I will try to keep my blogs up-to-date! It’s hard sometimes when there is so much else to do – but I do have lots to share. More soon (keeping fingers crossed!)

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